Alloy wheel repair

Mobile repair at your home, work, or dealership.

We can repair minor wheel abrasions, kerb damage, and wheel marks at your home, work, or dealership.

Our fleet of Mobile refurbishment vehicles will take in the region of 1 hour to complete a single-wheel refurbishment; of course, this depends on the severity of the damage.
The refurbishment will depend on the original finish of the wheel, whether it is painted, polished, or diamond cut.

For more severe repairs, colour changes, buckles, cracks and pressure loss, please click here.

Painted wheels

Once we have removed the wheel from your vehicle and secured your vehicle safely on axle stands, we will break the wheel bead and collapse the tyre off the rim. This enables us to access the underside of the rim and remove any damage necessary.

Once completed, the wheel will be cleaned and prepared for paint and lacquer adhesion. Our paint process involves baking the wheels with infrared heat lamps and electrically operated high-temperature appliances. Once the refurbishment process is finished, we re-inflate the tyre. (There is no need to rebalance as the tyre has not been removed) and apply tyre dressing.

Diamond Cut / Polished

As with the Painted wheels above, the wheel removal process is the same initially. However, the level of repair will depend on how badly damaged the area has become. We may use our specially designed wheel polishing machine if the damage is located on the very edge. If the damage is located on a spoke(s), we will attempt to remove the damage by hand and replicate the finish by fading out using a coloured lacquer.

This is only suitable for minor abrasions and not used on corroded wheels. There are limitations on what can and cannot be done with the Diamond Cut wheel regarding cosmetic repairs onsite ’. We have honed our mobile repair technicians over the last ten years and are the market leaders in this specialised type of repair.

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