Unit Services

Services we offer at our unit

Full Alloy Wheel Refurbishment

Buckle removal

Split repairs/welding

SMART vehicle paintwork repairs

Replacement tyres

Wheel Balancing

Leather and Trim Repairs

Window Tinting

Paintless dent removal

Vehicle appraisal for lease returns

Vehicle wrapping

Painted/Powder coated Wheels

What is a Full Alloy Wheel Refurbishment?

  1. Remove wheels from vehicle and remove tyres from alloy
  2. The wheels will then go in a solvent bath and shot blasted with bio-degradable medium to remove all old paint and return the wheel back to bare metal!
  3. Kerb abrasions will be removed and the wheels will then be prepared for the next stage.
  4. The wheels are then fully degassed ensuring that no moisture will effect the finish now or in the future!
  5. The wheels are then placed through a full powder coat Primer then painted to the customers required colour and finished with an Acyclic Lacquer.
  6. We then refit the tyres/TPMS valves (if applicable) in the original locations, re-balance the wheels and hand polished before returning them back to the vehicle ensuring the wheel bolts are torqued up according to manufacturers specifications.

We’re confident in our quality and workmanship that we will provide you with a lifetime warranty on all our full refurbishments, as long as your own the vehicle, unless otherwise stated.

Diamond Cut Wheels

Using our state of the art HAAS ST30 CNC diamond tipped lathe, we are able to replicate manufactures finishes.

Before After

Split Rims

We are able to fully refurbish split rim alloys at our main unit. We have the ability to remove the bolts and ‘split’ the rims from the centres to refurbish both parts of the wheel.


A buckle or flat spot is where the wheel is no longer round or running true.

 A damaged wheel can be very dangerous on the road. Damaged rims can pinch and damage your tyres, leading to ‘blowouts’. They can also potentially cause mechanical issues and problems with the handling and control of your vehicle, which can lead to potentially dangerous situations.

How to identify a buckled wheel if the damage is not visible:

Vibration and Shakiness when steering

Your car isn’t handling the way it used to

Your tyre keeps deflating/ TPMS warning message is on your dashboard

Colour Change

Colour changes are available at our unit this includes specific colour coding if desired . We also offer the option to have gloss, satin or matte finishes.

Tyre pressure issues

If you are losing pressure in your tyres rapidly or are having to pump your tyres more than usual, there are a few potential causes;

A buckled Wheel/flat spot

Cracked alloy

 Corroded bead seal


Damaged tyre

Faulty valve/sensor

Our unit based technicians will be able to provide you with a resolution to the issue.

Buckle Removal Machine

Buckles or flat spots in the wheel are not only an MOT failure but also a serious safety risk. By applying heat to the affected area and using a hydraulic press we are able to gently re-shape the wheel.

The technician will then test the wheel on a balancing machine to ensure all buckles are removed.


Small cracks in the wheel can be caused by mounting the kerb, potholes or speed bumps. To repair a crack, firstly the end of the crack is located, then drilled out to avoid any further spread. The crack will then be ground out in the shape of a V and then TIG welded.

Tyre Sales

Our tyre fitting service can supply and fit all types and brands of tyres. We can also repair punctures depending on the severity. We can also quote for new tyres competitively.

Need to dispose of your old tyres?

Not a problem, we can take your old tyres off you for a disposal charge of £2 including VAT per tyre. This is purely an environmental charge.